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Gremont Chemical Co., Ltd. was found in 1972. For the past five decades Gremont strengthen its’ position as the leading company in industrial chemicals, agrochemicals, fertilizers, timber and pharmaceuticals. Gremont enjoyed excellent experience and good reputation as an international distributor. Our extensive strategical roots of sales, with largest range of products and worldwide logistic, brings competitive and economic advantages to our customers from different industries across five continents more than 60 countries. Gremont is your first-choice reliable partner.

Why us

At Gremont, we love and we pride ourselves on what we do. 
We focus on : 

50 years experience in supplying raw materials
Excellent product & market knowledge updated to our buyers in time.

Provide tailor-made business solutions to meet the individual needs of each and every client.

A large portfolio of commodity and chemicals

A wide range of industries served
A wealth of global connections

Flexible & efficient logistics & consolidation services
Good after-sales support
Strong relationship building with customers, agents and suppliers

Well established tried & tested sources of supply

Extensive lab support, product testing & technical expertise.
Proven track record of shipping around the world.
Prudent value of Money & Fund to bring value to each business chain.

It's always more than doing business.
In returns, we have satisfied and repeated customers around the world.